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  • May 2024, 12:34 AM

Auto Scrappers - Dominating Local SEO in North York, Canada

Client Overview: 

Fahad Ummat and his team specialize in providing local SEO services. One of their notable successes is with Auto Scrappers, a multi-faceted business located at 53 Bakersfield St Unit 3, North York, ON M3J 1Z4, Canada. Auto Scrappers operates as an auto wrecker, car dealer, junkyard, motor vehicle dealer, recycling center, salvage yard, scrap metal dealer, towing service, vehicle exporter, and vehicle shipping agent.



Before Fahad and his team intervened, Auto Scrappers faced several challenges typical to local businesses:

  1. Limited Online Visibility: Despite offering a wide range of services, Auto Scrappers struggled to reach its target audience online.
  2. Competitive Market: The automotive industry, especially in North York, is highly competitive, making it challenging for Auto Scrappers to stand out.
  3. Local Presence: Being a local business, Auto Scrappers needed to enhance its local presence to attract nearby customers effectively.

Strategy Implemented by Fahad Ummat and Team:

Fahad Ummat and his team crafted a comprehensive strategy to effectively address the challenges faced by Auto Scrappers. Their strategy encompassed various facets of digital marketing, with a primary focus on local SEO techniques and social media management. Below is a detailed breakdown of each component of the strategy:

Local Citation Building:

  • Objective: Improve Auto Scrappers' online visibility by ensuring consistent and accurate business information across multiple online platforms.
  • Execution: Fahad's team meticulously created citations for Auto Scrappers on various online platforms, including business directories, review sites, and industry-specific platforms.
  • Approach: They ensured that each citation contained up-to-date and accurate information about Auto Scrappers, including business name, address, phone number (NAP consistency), and website URL.
  • Benefits: This strategy helped to establish Auto Scrappers' credibility and authority in the local automotive industry, while also improving their visibility in local search results.

Map Citation:

  • Objective: Ensure that Auto Scrappers' business information is accurately listed on mapping services like Google Maps for enhanced discoverability.
  • Execution: Fahad's team verified and optimized Auto Scrappers' business listing on Google Maps and other mapping services.
  • Approach: They ensured that the business's location, contact information, and other relevant details were accurately represented on the map, making it easier for potential customers to locate Auto Scrappers' premises.
  • Benefits: By optimizing map citations, Auto Scrappers became more visible to local customers searching for automotive services in their vicinity, leading to increased foot traffic and inquiries.


Local City Backlinks:

  • Objective: Boost Auto Scrappers' authority in local search results through the acquisition of backlinks from locally relevant websites.
  • Execution: Fahad's team actively sought opportunities to acquire backlinks from local business directories, community websites, and industry-specific platforms.
  • Approach: They leveraged relationships with local organizations and businesses to secure backlinks pointing to Auto Scrappers' website, thereby signaling to search engines the business's relevance and credibility within the local community.
  • Benefits: The acquisition of local backlinks helped to improve Auto Scrappers' search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to their website and increasing their visibility among local customers.

Optimized GMB Profile:

  • Objective: Enhance Auto Scrappers' visibility on Google's local pack and maps by optimizing their Google My Business (GMB) profile.
  • Execution: Fahad's team conducted a comprehensive audit of Auto Scrappers' GMB profile and implemented various optimization techniques.
  • Approach: They updated the business's description, added relevant keywords, uploaded high-quality images showcasing their services, and ensured that all information was accurate and up-to-date.
  • Benefits: An optimized GMB profile helped to improve Auto Scrappers' local search rankings, increase their visibility in Google Maps, and attract more clicks and inquiries from potential customers.

Website Optimization:

  • Objective: Improve Auto Scrappers' website's visibility and user experience for local search users.
  • Execution: Fahad and his team conducted a thorough audit of Auto Scrappers' website and implemented various optimization strategies.
  • Approach: They optimized the website's meta tags, headings, and content with location-based keywords relevant to Auto Scrappers' target audience. Additionally, they improved site speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience to ensure that visitors could easily find information and contact the business.
  • Benefits: A well-optimized website helped to improve Auto Scrappers' search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

Social Media Management:

  • Objective: Increase brand awareness, engagement, and customer interaction through active management of Auto Scrappers' social media profiles.
  • Execution: Fahad's team developed a content calendar and regularly posted updates, promotions, and informative content on Auto Scrappers' social media channels.
  • Approach: They engaged with followers, responded to inquiries and reviews promptly, and actively participated in relevant community discussions and events to foster a sense of community and trust around the Auto Scrappers brand.
  • Benefits: Effective social media management helped to increase brand visibility, drive website traffic, and cultivate a loyal customer base for Auto Scrappers.

In summary, Fahad Ummat and his team implemented a holistic strategy combining local SEO techniques with social media management to address Auto Scrappers' challenges effectively. By focusing on enhancing the business's online visibility, credibility, and engagement within the local community, they helped Auto Scrappers establish a strong digital presence and drive significant business growth.


 Future Recommendations: 

Looking ahead, there are several recommendations for further enhancing Auto Scrappers' online presence and sustaining its growth:

  • Continued SEO Maintenance: Regular monitoring and optimization of Auto Scrappers' website and online presence to adapt to changing search algorithms and user behaviors.
  • Expansion of Local Marketing Efforts: Exploration of additional local marketing channels and strategies, such as local events sponsorship, community partnerships, and localized content creation, to further engage with the target audience.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) systems and personalized communication strategies to nurture leads, enhance customer retention, and encourage repeat business.
  • Performance Tracking and Analysis: Ongoing tracking and analysis of key performance metrics, such as website traffic, conversion rates, and customer feedback, to identify areas for improvement and optimize marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Adaptation to Industry Trends: Stay abreast of industry trends, technological advancements, and competitor activities to remain competitive and continue evolving in response to market dynamics.



Results and Analysis: 

The implementation of Fahad Ummat and his team's local SEO strategy yielded significant results for Auto Scrappers:


  • Increased Online Visibility: Auto Scrappers' online visibility improved significantly, with the business appearing prominently in local search results for relevant keywords and queries.
  • Higher Website Traffic: The optimized website and local SEO efforts led to a noticeable increase in organic traffic to Auto Scrappers' site, resulting in more visits and engagement from potential customers.
  • More Leads and Calls: Fahad's team's local SEO efforts generated a substantial increase in leads and calls for Auto Scrappers, with 492 calls received during the campaign period, indicating a higher level of customer interest and engagement.
  • Enhanced Local Reputation: Through active management of online reviews and social media interactions, Auto Scrappers' local reputation improved, with more positive customer sentiment and feedback contributing to brand credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Business Growth: Overall, the improved online presence and increased visibility translated into tangible business growth for Auto Scrappers, with higher customer inquiries, conversions, and revenue, solidifying its position as a leading auto service provider in North York.


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