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  • May 2024, 02:27 PM

A Case Study of Realizing SEO Success with Fahad Ummat

Project Details



Niche--------------------------------Portal for searching and buying franchises


Domain Age--------------------------12 years

Region Of Promotion-------------------United Kingdom

Promotion Period----------------------9 months




In the bustling landscape of online franchise opportunities in the UK, establishing a robust digital presence is vital for success. This case study illuminates the transformative journey of FranchiseLocal.co.uk, a leading platform for franchise exploration and acquisition, under the strategic guidance of Fahad Ummat, an esteemed SEO consultant. Through meticulous planning, strategic execution, and unwavering dedication, Fahad Ummat's team propelled FranchiseLocal.co.uk to new heights, achieving remarkable increases in organic traffic and solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner.


1. Client Background and Challenges: 

FranchiseLocal.co.uk stands as one of the UK's premier platforms for individuals seeking franchise opportunities. Despite its esteemed reputation, the platform faced challenges in expanding its online visibility and attracting a wider audience. With the fiercely competitive landscape of franchise portals and the high cost of PPC campaigns, the client sought an effective and sustainable solution to increase organic traffic and enhance its digital footprint.


2. Project Initiation and Strategy Development: 

Fahad Ummat and his team embarked on a comprehensive SEO strategy to address FranchiseLocal.co.uk's unique needs and challenges. The strategy encompassed:

  • Technical Optimization: Rectifying existing technical errors such as PageSpeed performance enhancements, image optimization, robots.txt modifications, and sitemap generation to improve search engine crawlability and indexing.
  • Keyword Targeting: Conducting extensive keyword research to identify high-value keywords related to franchise opportunities, including localized and industry-specific terms.
  • Content Gap Analysis: Identifying content gaps on the website and developing a content strategy to address informational queries through blog posts and articles.
  • Link Building Campaigns: Implementing customized link-building campaigns to enhance the website's authority and credibility, particularly for blog content and industry-specific queries.

3. Implementation and Execution:

 With a clear strategy in place, Fahad Ummat's team commenced the implementation phase, executing each aspect of the SEO strategy with precision and expertise. From technical optimizations and keyword targeting to content creation and link building, every step was meticulously executed to drive tangible results.


4. Results and Achievements: 

The impact of Fahad Ummat's SEO initiatives on FranchiseLocal.co.uk was profound and far-reaching. Over the course of the 9-month project:

  • Organic Traffic Surge: FranchiseLocal.co.uk experienced an impressive 303% increase in organic traffic, signaling a substantial improvement in online visibility and reach.
  • Keyword Domination: With 5782 keywords ranking in the top 10 search results and over 13,000 keywords reaching the top 100, the platform achieved unparalleled visibility across a wide spectrum of search queries.
  • Local Market Penetration: Localization strategies propelled FranchiseLocal.co.uk to prominence in key regional markets, with top rankings achieved for localized queries such as "franchise opportunities London" and "franchise in Scotland."


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5. Client Testimonial and Satisfaction: 

Will Frankling, CEO of FranchiseLocal.co.uk, expressed profound satisfaction with Fahad Ummat's services, citing the remarkable impact on the platform's online presence and business outcomes. He commended Fahad Ummat and his team for their expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to delivering results. The collaboration between FranchiseLocal.co.uk and Fahad Ummat exemplifies the power of strategic SEO initiatives in driving digital transformation and achieving business success.


6. Conclusion: 

The success of FranchiseLocal.co.uk's SEO transformation project under Fahad Ummat's guidance underscores the transformative power of strategic SEO initiatives in driving business growth and success. Through meticulous planning, strategic execution, and unwavering dedication, Fahad Ummat's team propelled FranchiseLocal.co.uk to new heights of online visibility and market dominance. As the platform continues to evolve, the success achieved serves as a testament to the profound impact of SEO excellence in driving sustainable business growth and success.

I've crafted a case study that highlights the strategic initiatives undertaken by Fahad Ummat's team to drive organic growth for FranchiseLocal.co.uk. Let me know if there are any adju