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  • May 2024, 02:07 PM

A Case Study of Real Estate SEO Transformation with Fahad Ummat

Project Details

Website                                        bajaproperties.com

Industry                                       Real Estate

Niche                                           Real estate agency in Mexico

Language                                    American English

Domain Age                                 20 years

Region Of Promotion                    United States

Promotion Period                       12 months

Plan                                            FullSEO


In the fiercely competitive real estate market, securing a prominent online presence is paramount for success. This case study delves into the transformative journey of a Mexican real estate agency, Baja Properties, under the expert guidance of Fahad Ummat, an esteemed SEO consultant. Through strategic planning, meticulous execution, and unwavering dedication, Fahad Ummat's team propelled Baja Properties to new heights, significantly increasing organic traffic and cementing their position as industry leaders.


1. Client Background and Challenges: 

Baja Properties, a renowned real estate agency in Mexico, faced several challenges despite its longstanding reputation. With an outdated website and limited online visibility, the agency struggled to attract potential clients beyond its local market. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive SEO overhaul, Jose Luis Escalante, the Head of Marketing, sought the expertise of Fahad Ummat to revitalize Baja Properties' digital presence.


2. Project Initiation and Strategy Development:

 Upon thorough analysis of Baja Properties' website and market positioning, Fahad Ummat and his team devised a tailored SEO strategy to address the agency's specific needs. The strategy encompassed:

  • Keyword Research and Localization: Comprehensive research was conducted to identify high-value keywords relevant to Baja Properties' target audience, with a focus on localization to target the United States market effectively.
  • On-Page Optimization: Fahad Ummat's team implemented on-page optimization techniques, including content refinement, meta tag optimization, and URL restructuring, to enhance the website's search engine visibility.
  • Technical SEO Enhancements: Recognizing the importance of technical SEO, Fahad Ummat's team conducted a thorough audit of Baja Properties' website, addressing issues such as page speed optimization, SSL implementation, and mobile responsiveness.
  • Local SEO Strategies: Leveraging Baja Properties' geographical advantage, Fahad Ummat's team devised local SEO strategies to improve the agency's visibility in key locations such as Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo.

3. Implementation and Execution: 

With a clear strategy in place, Fahad Ummat's team commenced the implementation phase, executing each aspect of the SEO strategy with precision and expertise. The team collaborated closely with Baja Properties' internal stakeholders, ensuring seamless integration of SEO initiatives with the agency's overall marketing efforts. From content creation and website optimization to link building and performance tracking, every step was meticulously executed to drive tangible results.



4. Results and Achievements:

 The impact of Fahad Ummat's SEO initiatives was nothing short of remarkable. Over the course of the 12-month project:

  • Organic Traffic Surge: Baja Properties witnessed a staggering 689% increase in organic traffic, catapulting the agency to the forefront of online real estate searches.
  • Keyword Dominance: With 2793 keywords ranking in the top 10 search results and 9040 keywords in the top 100, Baja Properties achieved unprecedented visibility across a wide range of search queries.
  • Local Market Penetration: Fahad Ummat's localized SEO strategies resulted in Baja Properties securing top rankings in key markets, including Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, and San Jose del Cabo, further solidifying the agency's market dominance.

Leading positions in Google





5. Client Testimonial and Satisfaction: 

Jose Luis Escalante, Head of Marketing at Baja Properties, expressed profound satisfaction with Fahad Ummat's services, citing the tangible impact on the agency's business outcomes. He commended Fahad Ummat and his team for their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to delivering results. The collaboration between Baja Properties and Fahad Ummat exemplified the power of strategic partnership in driving digital transformation and achieving business success.


6. Conclusion: 

The Baja Properties SEO transformation project stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic SEO initiatives led by Fahad Ummat. Through meticulous planning, diligent execution, and unwavering dedication, Fahad Ummat's team propelled Baja Properties to new heights of online visibility and market dominance. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, the success of Baja Properties serves as a shining example of the profound impact of SEO excellence in driving business growth and success.

In collaboration with Fahad Ummat, Baja Properties has not only achieved its immediate objectives but has also positioned itself for sustained success in the dynamic and competitive real estate landscape.